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Legal Notice
la constancia

The quality policy of PRODUCTOS LA CONSTANCIA, S.L., focuses on meeting the needs of customers, meeting their requirements and those of the reference standard, offering a product that meets the expectations of our customers.

In this context and bearing in mind that business activity is the Processing, Packaging and Sale of Spices, Pepper, Sausages Prepared for and Teas, Management of PRODUCTOS LA CONSTANCIA, S.L., has developed its quality policy based on following points:

* To offer the maximum guarantees of safety and quality in products marketed by the company.

* Achieving customer satisfaction and respect for their needs and putting our skills and experience available.

* Differentiate from our competition by offering customers a complete service based on experience and qualifications of our staff and the quality of our products.

* Develop and implement working methods that encourage continuous improvement of both internal processes and quality standards of our products and our service in general.

This commitment will be carried out in compliance with the law applicable to our activities in a framework that promotes efficiency and progress of the company, and serve as a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.